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ViViz is a visualization tool to support GUI testing activities. With ViViz, testers can easily analyze test results and design effective test cases. ViViz works seamlessly with GUITAR, an automated testing toolkit for GUI applications.

Click here for a demo video and here for the latest version.

ViViz is a free software and released under the GNU General public license.

News and Updates

Detailed project progress and updates can be found in the ViViz Project Diary. Here is an abridged version of the most significant events.

  • 12/09/2009: ViViz final reports, slides and video demo are available from the resource section.
  • 11/25/2009: We will be conducting a demo of ViViz at Prof. Memon's class which teaches GUITAR to students on 12/03/2009. The student's feedback will be recorded using the demo feedback form. Results and comments from the students will be available on the site.
  • 11/24/2009: ViViz website revamped and completely updated.
  • 11/23/2009: ViViz version 1.0 released!
  • 11/18/2009: ViViz beta prototype created! Basic capabilities demonstrated.
  • 11/11/2009: Progress report and slides available
  • 10/21/2009: Literature survey submitted
  • 09/30/2009: Project proposal submitted and approved
  • 09/19/2009: ViViz website created.
  • 09/18/2009: Project started.


Why ViViz?

Software testing, and especially GUI testing, has always been a difficult and time consuming procedure. With software increasing in complexity at an exponential rate, the need for automated testing procedure has never been before more urgent. Testers using current automated software testing usually have to contend with poor user interfaces which does not enable them to see exactly which part or module of the software is failing. Many tools are simply command lines that produces text based reports which require much time and effort to pinpoint where the fault is.

Here is where the utility of ViViz - a visualization tool for project GUITAR - becomes obvious. ViViz is aimed at helping testers of GUI software determine test coverage issues, detect faults and visualize the entire GUI structure in a simple to use program that uses various graph representations to highlight potential bugs and missing test cases within the GUI. ViViz provides an intuitive interface with viewing, filtering and navigation functions that allows the user to explore and obtain deeper insight on the GUI with its testing data. This is achieved by presenting the GUI structure together with the testing results so that the GUI testing results are presented in a concise and informative manner. The addition of screenshots of the various GUI modules (widgets) in the graph representation also serves as a powerful visual memory tool for users to reconstruct and make sense of the potentially complicated GUI structure.

This web page hosts the current version of ViViz and all supporting documentation needed for the new software tester to start using ViViz with GUITAR in as short a time as possible with manuals and video demonstrations. All these and more information on ViViz and its sister project GUITAR can be found in Resources section.


ViViz is designed to serve as a visualization front end to enable users to understand and see GUITAR's output in a clearer and intuitive way. It is therefore 100% compatible with GUITAR's output. Basic features of ViViz include:

  • Visualizing and exploring the GUI structure.
  • Visualizing and exploring Event Flow Graphs (EFG).
  • Show GUI testing coverage.
  • Design of new test cases to ensure adequate testing.
  • Aid in the creation a GUI storyboard with automated screenshot capturing.
  • Revealing faults and bugs in GUI design.

These features and more are highlighted in the various screenshots of ViViz in action with an example GUI application - the SpaceTree Explorer. ViViz had been warmly received by several users of GUITAR with their testimonies highlighting the utility of visualization for software testing.

More advanced features such as editing the EFG and GUI tests for feedback to GUITAR with scalability to larger and even more complex GUIs will be available in future standalone releases. The integration of ViViz into GUITAR is also currently planned in concurrent future releases of GUITAR as well.


Overview and Data loading
Main window
Loading an external data file
Loading data from drop down menu

Visualization options
Substrate view - nodes are placed in actual positions of the GUI
Tree layout - nodes are placed by their hierarchical rank in the GUI structure
Circle layout - nodes are placed in a concentric circle

User interactivity
Displaying the underlying GUI and EFG data
Simple to use navigation with zoomable and draggable interface
Details on demand

Filtering functions
Before applying filtering with high resolution screenshots
Hide screenshots
Modifying the transparency of nodes containing screenshots
Filter edges by in-degrees and out-degrees
Show only GUI structure edges
Show only EFG edges

Test monitoring functions
Test coverage overview
Test coverage encoded by edge thickness
Test coverage encoded by edge color


Comments from Prof. Atif Memon

  1. I am impressed with the ViViz potential as a tool to complement GUITAR
  2. The ability to visualize GUITAR's output and select various views is one of the strongest selling point of ViViz
  3. Students have always complained that a major difficulty in using GUITAR is the lack of a visualization to verify the data and tests - ViViz is designed to address this issue

Students' comments from the demo session conducted on 12/03/2009 in the CMSC737 Fundamentals of Software Testing class

  1. The zoom features are useful to see the parts of the GUI structure/EFG in detail
  2. I like the free floating nature of the Viviz environment. Being able to explore the GUI by hand is potentially very useful
  3. Visually seeing how widgets are connected and knowing how they work with one another is very fascinating
  4. Multiple views made it easier to see relationships and useful patterns in the GUI
  5. By providing the tester with a coverage visualization, Viviz would simply save a lot of time for them

Comments from other users

Summary of bugs and features desired:

Download ViViz

Thank you for your interest in ViViz. Get the latest version of ViViz and its supporting manuals here!

Updated on: 12/09/2009


Background and supporting information on GUITAR and ViViz, including the various initial reports during the early development phase of ViViz are available here.


  1. GUI Testing overview slides
  2. GUI Ripping: Reverse Engineering of Graphical User Interfaces for Testing: A publication explaining GUIRipping ideas


  1. ViViz initial proposal, Last update:09/30/2009
  2. ViViz literature survey, contains a detailed list of past works that attempt to visualize testing outputs. Last update:10/21/2009
  3. ViViz progress report and Slides, Last update:11/11/2009
  4. ViViz demo feedback form, Last update:11/30/2009
  5. ViViz usability questionnaire, Last update: 11/30/2009
  6. ViViz project diary, Last update: 11/30/2009
  7. ViViz final report and Final presentation slides, Last update: 12/09/2009

ViViz is built on two existing APIs:

  1. Prefuse which provides the graph and network visualization capabilities
  2. Java Swing which is used to build the main GUI.

The ViViz Team (The Viz Boyzs)

Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions or comments regarding ViViz

with the advice of

  • Professor Atif Memon, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park, atif at cs dot umd dot edu and
  • Professor Ben Shneiderman, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park, ben at cs dot umd dot edu